19 Oct

How to Find and Land the Perfect Job for You

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Do you want to learn how to find and LAND the perfect job for you? Meet Jamie Tee, a Career an Life Strategist who teaches women how to get every job they want now and in the future with a step-by-step strategic approach.

In this interview, we talk about how you can find and land the perfect job for you!

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– Jennifer

Mindset & Habit Coach

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27 Mar

My Favorite Ayurveda Rituals

Ayurveda morning rituals, jennifer merchant. mindset and habit coach

Recently, I discovered this thing call Ayurveda and fell in love! Ayurveda is an ancient form of medicine from India that is still practiced today. Ayurveda uses diet, herbs, natural supplements, and lifestyle changes for healing, health, and longevity. I’m no expert when it comes to Ayurveda but I have been reading about it and have implemented some Ayurvedic rituals in my own daily routine that I love!

I first discovered Ayurveda when I was listening to a podcast interview with Sahara Rose. Sahara Rose is the Best-Selling Author of the Idiot’s Guide To Ayurveda book. During the podcast that I listened to, she spoke about how she had tried many different diets that were supposed to be healthy but never really worked for her either because she lost too much weight, had no energy, or just didn’t feel right, which I could definitely relate to. Eventually, she discovered Ayurveda and learned what foods to eat, how to workout, and what lifestyle changes to implement based on her Dosha, or her body type. I was fascinated with her journey and decided to look into Ayurveda myself! (If you’re interested in listening to this podcast, you can find it here.)

What I found was amazing, and I’ve continued to study Ayurveda since I first discovered it a few months ago. I’ve learned so much about what foods work best for me, what spices I should use and when, and how to use food and spices to help me stay healthy. But my favorite things that I have started to implement are a few Ayurveda rituals into my morning routine that I will share with you today. Most of us do a version of these rituals already, but with a little variation, it can become so much better!

My favorite Ayurveda rituals:


1. Dry Brushing

dry brushing, ayurveda morning rituals, jennifer merchant, mindset and habit coach

Dry brushing is the process of using a coarse brush like the one above to brush the dead skin cells, toxins, and other wastes from your skin. Your skin is one of the main sources that your body detoxifies from so the surface often contains loads of toxins and dead skin cells that should be removed. Dry brushing is very similar to using a loofah or a washcloth in the shower. However, it is actually more effective to brush the toxins off without water before you shower and then wash your body to get any remaining toxins off during your shower.

I started dry brushing before I showered every morning and it has made a huge difference on my skin. I’ve always had sensitive skin and eczema but the dry brushing helped reduce the bumps from the eczema and made my skin so much softer in only a few days and has continued to improve the longer I do it. This only takes me about 2 minutes to do so it isn’t hard to implement.

2. Tongue Scraping

tongue scraping, ayurveda morning rituals, jennifer merchant, mindset and habit coach

Tongue scraping is the process of using a metal scraper like the one above to scrape the toxins that build up throughout the day and overnight off of your tongue. This is very important because when you leave the toxins on your tongue, then you swallow them throughout the day and they stay in your system. This process is similar to when you brush your tongue with your toothbrush while brushing your teeth. However, brushing your tongue with a toothbrush actually pushes the toxins into your tongue further. A metal tongue scraper is much better at removing the toxins and build up.

I started doing this every morning as well and was surprised by how much I was able to scrape off each day. I run the scraper from the back of my tongue to the front about 10 times each morning. Since I have started doing this, I have noticed that I do not have the white coating that many people have on my tongue anymore. I also started tasting food more after a couple weeks of implementing this ritual.

3. Oil Massaging

oil massaging, ayurveda morning rituals, jennifer merchant, mindset and habit coach

Oil massaging is the process of replenishing your skins nutrients by rubbing oil on your body. Our skin can become very dried out and malnourished after taking a shower and it can become better or worse based on the season. Oil massaging is similar to putting lotion on except that many lotions are water-based and contain many toxins. When you use regular lotion, the water typically evaporates off and you leave many chemicals and toxins on your skin. If you use oil instead, it will give your skin the nourishment that it needs without any of the added toxins! How often you should do this depends on your body type. If you are someone who has dry skin, then you will probably need to do this once a day or once every other day. If you have oily skin, once or twice a week may be sufficient.

I personally have extremely dry skin, especially in the winter, so I do this almost every morning. The Ayurveda technique is to use pure sesame, almond, or coconut oil and let it soak in. However, I prefer to make my own body butter mixture using coconut oil, almond oil, and shae butter so that it is a little less greasy but just as nourishing. I used to have to put lotion on several times a day and would still have dry skin. Now, I do this once in the morning and my skin stays soft and nourished all the way until the next day! The combination of dry brushing and oil massaging has improved the look, feel, and texture of my skin so much in only a few months.

Want to learn more?

I would encourage you to implement these three simple Ayurveda rituals into your routine and see how you like it. If you’re interested about learning more Ayurveda rituals or about the different mind and body types, how to eat for your body type, what workouts are best for you, and many many other things that can improve the quality of your life, I would encourage you to read Idiots Guide to Ayurveda. It is a great introductory book for someone who has not heard of it before and I learned so much that I have been able to implement into my life for the better!

Mindset & Habit Coach

27 Feb

Why I Wasn’t Wrong About My Future, I Only Misinterpreted

jennifer merchant, mindset and habit coach, life coach, how to find your path

It has been my dream since I was a little kid to work in hospitality. I wanted to be surrounded with positive energy, fun times, and vacationers all the time!

And I did it! I got my undergraduate degree in Business Management and set my heart on an Ivy League grad program at the top hotel school in the country. I worked my but off, graduated with my Bachelor’s a year early, and I got accepted to my dream school for early admission! The only thing left was to get the two years of required experience so I could start the program.

A piece of cake right? And it was.

I applied to a beautiful 4-diamond hotel charging upwards of $300/night (and in rural upstate NY, that is a lot!). The hotel was fully booked almost every single day during their season with vacationers from all over the world.

You would think this would be a dream come true for me considering that’s what I wanted since I was a child.

Spoiler alert! I hated it.

I hated having to use a script to communicate with the guests.

I hated the way I was looked down on by the majority of the patrons.

I hated not being able to get the time off for vacation with my own family.

I hated the schedule that I worked and how I frequently missed important family occasions, including holidays.

And most of all, I hated the shallow connections I made with the guests.

I would put all of this effort to make sure the guests would have a great stay and then the next day or the next week, they were gone. No real connections were made. No real, lasting friendships were made. Even if I made a good impression, I wasn’t leaving any impact on their lives, at least not in a way that I felt mattered.

And if I’m not making genuine connections or leaving a lasting impact, then what’s the point?

You see, I realized that I was drawn to hospitality because of the deep down feeling I have that I want to serve others and leave a lasting impact on their lives. The only thing that made sense to me in order to do that was hospitality at the time.

Now, I know what I am truly meant to do. I am here to serve others by helping them achieve their dreams from implementing and taking daily actions that support their goals.

Instead of serving people for one night or one week, I now make genuine connections, lasting friendships, and leave a lasting impact on the lives of my clients that I feel good about.

Needless to say, I turned down my acceptance to my dream school and am now pursuing a path that makes me feel truly alive and significant!

The point is that while it is important to follow your heart, it’s also okay to misinterpret what it’s trying to tell you every now and again as long you realize it and make the proper adjustments to get back on track!

When I look back, I can see that hospitality and coaching are not really all that different. They both focus on serving others and they both require connecting with others. I was pulled towards hospitality because I wanted to be able to serve others and make an impact on their lives. But I didn’t feel like I was making much of an impact. Most of the people forgot who I was as soon as they left the counter. Did I make connections with some of the guests? Yes. But not in a way that felt good to me.

I want to be able to make genuine connections, create lasting friendships, and truly impact the lives of others in a good way. And I want it to be in a way that feels good for both parties.

So even though I was pulled towards hospitality and realized it was not the right thing for me, I now know that I wasn’t exactly wrong about what I wanted to do and become, I only misinterpreted. I am still driven by the same things but have been able to find a better path for myself that feels right!

Mindset & Habit Coach