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My Favorite Meditation Apps

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Meditation is a powerful tool when it comes to de-stressing, connecting with ourselves, and finding focus. I try to meditate for at least 10 minutes every day as a part of my evening routine that consists of calming activities like meditating, writing in my journal, stretching, and reading. I also like to meditate occasionally throughout my day when I become stressed-out, unfocused, or overwhelmed.

If you practice meditation, you already know the amazing power that it has so today I want to share with you my favorite meditation apps to use while meditating. If you do not practice meditation but are interested, check out my article Meditation And How It Can Help You to see some of the ways you could benefit from adopting the practice into your daily routine.

The Calm App

My favorite meditation app to use is the Calm App. I’ve been using the Calm App for a little over 6 months now and I absolutely love it! The app has a large collection of guided meditations and includes both single sessions and themed series that spans over several days. I usually prefer the guided, themed meditations so I love the variety that is offered.

The Calm App, Meditation app, jennifer merchant

If you prefer unguided meditation, the app also offers a timed meditation option where it will just play nature sounds for you. I occasionally use this when I am trying to re-focus or de-stress during the day because I can choose a smaller amount of time like 5 minutes.This meditation app also includes sleep stories that typically last between 20-30 minutes and are designed to help you or your children fall asleep at night. This is a unique touch that I really enjoy and there are new stories released often so you do not have to listen to the same ones.

The Calm App, sleep stories, jennifer merchant

Like most meditations apps, the Calm App also tracks the days that you meditate for you as well as how many sessions and hours you have spent meditating which is fun to look at once in a while, especially if you want to see how well you have been sticking to your meditation habit. It also has the option to just play different nature sounds if you are looking for some background noise while you are working, writing, or reading.I have the premium version of the Calm App which comes with more series of meditations, single guided meditations, sleep stories, and relaxation techniques. However, there is a free version as well which still includes all of these different options, just not as many different meditations in each section. You can find more about the Calm App here.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is another great meditation app that is free. Insight Timer also includes many guided meditations, music, and tracks your progress as well. One cool thing about insight timer is that you connect with friends and see the progress in their meditation journeys as well.

Insight Timer, jennifer merchant

This meditation app goes a little more in-depth by offering different meditation variations from several origins such as Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and several more. If you are interested in the history and the different forms of meditation, Insight Timer is a really good app where you can learn these things. It gives you access to talks where you can learn more about meditation as well as teachers who are sharing the practice.

Insight Timer, jennifer merchant

Insight Timer also releases new meditations every day so there are many options for you. If you are looking for an interactive meditation app where you can connect with friends, this app is perfect for that! You can learn more about the Insight Timer app here.

What I Use

I personally use both the Calm App and the Insight Timer because I like the variety that I can get from both of them. I like to use the Calm App at night especially because it has the sleep stories and body scans designed to help you fall asleep. However, I also really like the aspect of being able to connect with friends in the Insight Timer app so that we can hold each other accountable in our meditation journeys.Both of these apps are great meditation apps and I would definitely encourage you to try meditation for yourself if you have not experimented with it yet. Meditation is all about continuing to practice and improve so the more you do it, the more results you will see when it comes to de-stressing, changing your mindset, and staying in touch with yourself.

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  1. I had no idea that there is an app for meditation. This seems really interesting and I’ll definitely have a look if it’s something for me :)!

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