“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.”
– Brian Tracy

Who Am I?

I’m Jennifer, Mindset & Habit Coach, cat-lover, and dreamer.  I help fellow online entrepreneurs go from feeling overwhelmed to becoming massively productive so that they can excel in their business while also living the healthy, happy, and fulfilled lifestyle they desire.  Together we will redesign your daily routine so that you can gain the time, energy, and freedom you need in order to live your dream lifestyle. 

Jennifer Merchant - Mindset & Habit Coach

I have used habits and routines to transform almost every aspect of my life from my health, to my business, and even to my relationships and I know that you can too.  You might think that having routines throughout your day would limit the amount of freedom you have in your life, but it actually does the opposite!  


The process of adding more structure into your days takes the stress and overwhelm out of the equation and provides you with more time, energy, and freedom that you can spend on bigger things such as your long-term goals, growing your business, and spending time with your precious families rather than worrying about your seemingly never-ending to-do list, stressing about not having enough time in the day, or constantly forgetting things due to an unorganized schedule.


My favorite part about my days are my morning and evening routines.  I fill both of these times up with relaxing, self-care activities so that I feel prepared to handle my day no matter what comes up! All of the routines that I have in my life have allowed me to become a better version of myself each and every day so that I can grow my business while also enjoying time with my family, taking care of myself, and pursuing my dreams.

I would love to help you redesign your daily schedule so that you can gain more time, energy, and freedom in your life as well! If you’re ready to start working together, you can learn more about my 1-on-1 program or you can schedule a FREE strategy session with me!

Mindset & Habit Coaching


The reason that your daily habits and routines are so important is because they keep you on track and help you stay focused on your long-term goals.  It is difficult to keep the big picture in mind when there are so many things in the present to distract us like social media, pressing daily tasks, and emergencies.  However, when you have solid habits and routines structured throughout your day, you no longer have to consciously make the decision to take actions towards your goals, you will already have a system set in place that supports your success!


The actions I take daily ultimately create my life and I want to make sure that I am constantly progressing towards the life I desire rather than just going through the motions, and I know you want the same for yourself!  This is why I believe that your daily habits and routines are so important.

In my 8 week 1:1 Mindset & Habit Coaching program, we will redesign your daily routine and implement habits that will serve your long-term vision of your life and your business together. Throughout the 8 weeks of working together, you will implement many of these actions, see what serves you best, and continuously make adjustments along the way.  By the end of the program, you will have a solid routine structured into your daily schedule that lowers your stress and overwhelm and provides you with more time, energy, and freedom instead!
Jennifer Merchant - Mindset & Habit Coach

Are you ready to start the journey of accomplishing your goals today?  Sign up for a FREE Strategy Session where you will receive a clear strategy to get started right away!

Fun Facts About Jennifer

I know you’re on this page to get to know me better so here are some fun facts about me!

jennifer merchant, mindset and habit coach, life coach, success coach

I have 3 cats and a chinchilla so it is always an adventure at my house

I studied Japanese for 2 years and studied abroad in Tokyo and traveled Japan for 3 weeks

I love traveling but still carry my stuffed monkey around with me on every trip!

I love bright colors: lime green, sky blue, fuchsia pink, etc.

I’m a hardcore introvert, but also love connecting with new people

Let's Connect!

I would absolutely love to connect with you! You can find me on Instagram and Facebook or directly through e-mail at jenmerch456@gmail.com or the Contact Me page.

If you’re interested in learning more about mindset and habits, I post an article on my blog each week and you can explore all of my previous posts!  When you subscribe, you will also receive a FREE Goal Setting and Habit Implementation workbook! 

And of course, if you’re ready to start working together, I would love to setup a Strategy Session with you!  Sign up for a spot today!

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