04 Oct

Strive to Be Chemical Free

In today’s world, almost every single product that you consume has chemicals and preservatives in them including food, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and much much more.  The great thing about these chemicals and preservatives is that your products almost never go bad.  The downside is that you are contaminating yourself every time you use them.  Do you ever notice that days when you decide to clean your whole house you sometimes get a headache or after eating food you become lethargic and just want to take a nap?  Is this normal and acceptable?  Cleaning is supposed to rid your house of dirt and germs, not contaminate the air with harmful chemicals.  Your food is supposed to give you energy and keep you going, not make you fall asleep.  Your cosmetics are supposed to nourish your skin, not dry and damage them.

The problem with today’s world is everyone is worried about mass production.   How can we make as much product as possible and get it to as many people as possible in the cheapest way?  The result is that the natural methods of doing anything have become a thing of the past.  I challenge you to go to a department store and find one product that does not contain harmful chemicals.  The fact is that while these chemical are not directly harmful when used in small doses, now everything in our lives have chemicals and the added amounts definitely have an effect whether you notice it or not.  If you cut all the chemicals out of your life for a short amount of time, you would notice a tremendous difference but this is extremely hard to do.

The good news is there is a new trend recently where people are focusing on more natural and nourishing ingredients.  The best place to find natural products is from local markets or small business producers.  For example, the best place to find organic food is at your local farmers market.  The benefit of this is that you know where that food is coming from and many farmers markets have regulations sellers have to meet to ensure that they meet certain standards.  Another benefit is that you are supporting your local businesses.  The food also comes straight from their farm to the market so you are not dealing with food having to be transferred and preserved over several days or weeks. Another benefit is that you are supporting your local businesses.

Another great place to find natural products is from online sellers such as those who sell on Etsy or similar sites.  Everything on Etsy has to be handmade and most sellers ship right to the customer once they receive the order.  This takes the wholesaler out of the equation and products are not sitting on a shelf for weeks or months at a time ideally. The benefit to this is that chemicals and preservatives are no longer necessary to keep a longer shelf life.  However, if you do buy these products, you want to consume them within 6 months to a year, sometimes sooner depending on the product, because they will not last as long.  The bonus is the ingredients are much more healthy for your body!

The other option is to make your own products at home.  Typically, this is the choice I make because I know exactly what ingredients are going into my products and it is just plain fun! You can find DIY recipes on so many different sites including Pinterest, Google, and blogs.  I will even be sharing some recipes on this blog as well.  You can make lotions, lip balms, candles, disinfectant spray, laundry detergent, dish soap, and so much more!  Many recipes involve essential oils which have so many additional benefits that they make a perfect addition.   I encourage you to try making your own products and put your own variations on them.  However, if that is not your thing, you can find another seller who can supply them for you, such as The Nectar Shack, and your household will be much better off!

Please leave a comment and let me know what ways you have reduced a number of chemicals in your house and suggestions you have!!

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