26 Dec

How to Rock Your New Year’s Resolution!

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This time of year, everyone is making big goals for themselves in 2018, whether it be fitness goals, health goals, finance, goals, relationship goals, or any other goal. However, we know that many times, we forget about these goals that we were so amped up for by the time the end of January arrives. For example, all the gyms are packed the first few weeks of the year and the fast food restaurants die down, but everything goes back to normal by the end of January. I want to give you five tips to help you stick to your new year’s resolution and accomplish it!

1. Chose your own goals, not somebody else’s

Many times, we chose goals that are not what we actually want for ourselves without even realizing it. We get caught up with everyone else’s resolutions and think we have to have similar goals for ourselves. This is not true! The point of creating goals and resolutions is to get yourself closer to your ideal life, not your friends ideal life, and not your family’s ideal life. This means that if you are going to create a new year’s resolution, you should sit by yourself and think about what you really want for yourself this year and not what everybody else wants for you.

2. Plan it out

Once you have a solid resolution for 2018, you need to start planning it out. It is much easier to accomplish a goal when you create specific actions steps that you need to take in order to get there. Along with your action steps, you should also break your resolution down to multiple milestones to complete. Milestone will not only make your goal seem possible, it will also give you small wins along the way that will encourage you to keep going. I like to write down a list of everything I need to do in order to accomplish my goal on a piece of paper or a marker board, add my milestone dates, and then put my paper or marker board somewhere where I will see it everyday.

3. Accountability

After you have distinguished your path and your milestones, you will need to find some accountability! We can’t always trust ourselves to hold us accountable, we need an outside party. You can do this by sharing your resolution with you friends or on social media so people know what you are going to accomplish. By sharing your goals, you can get the support and encouragement from others to keep going, and also change your mindset to not only do you not want to let yourself down, but you don’t want to let everyone else who is rooting for you down either. My favorite thing is to find a specific person who will hold you accountable and you can do the same for them. Accountability partners are great, especially if they make sure you stick to your goals!

4. Write a letter to yourself

Another great step to help you stick to you resolution is to write a letter for yourself. You can write multiple letters to yourself and date them for specific times. For example, one letter should be opened two weeks after you start, one after one month, one after 2 months, and so on. In these letter, you want to write why you want to accomplish this resolution and encouraging things to make yourself keep working. I find this really helpful because it is a reminder of why you made this goal in the first place and why you need to keep going! I like to write letters for specific time periods and then a couple of additional letter titled “when you need a pick me up”

5. Commit!

The most important part of a new years resolution is to fully commit to it! Don’t just let it be something that you hope happens, commit to accomplishing it. You can even write out on the same paper or marker board from before that you are 100% committed to seeing this through. This is a simple but crucial step because it lets yourself know that you won’t be backing down any time soon!

What is your new year’s resolution and how do you plan to use these tips to help you accomplish it?

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