06 Feb

One Habit to Help You Conquer Your To-Do List

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Do you ever get overwhelmed by your to do list? You might have 15 items on your list but you only have time to get to 8 of them. So, how do you chose which ones get done and which ones do not?

Luckily, there is a simple habit that you can implement in your life to help you deal with this. Each morning when I plan my day, I choose the top three most important things that need to be done on my to-do list and make them my first priority. This way, I know exactly where to focus my attention and I can make sure that the things that really matter will get accomplished and not rushed.

I find it helpful to finish my most important tasks first thing because then I will not be stressed out for the rest of the day and can tackle the lesser important items on my to-do list. If I have a really long to-do list for the day, I might even go through and prioritize the rest of the items on the list. This ensures that if I do not finish everything, I can just push the other items to the next day since they were the least important.

The habit of prioritizing your top three to-do’s is helpful for everyone and is one tool that can help you conquer a long, stressful to-do list. When you finish the most important tasks of the day, you will be encouraged to continue your progress and less stressed throughout the day. Once I started prioritizing my tasks, I become much more productive. I used to spend time between each task thinking about what I should do next, but now I already know!

Your challenge for the next few weeks is to choose the top 2 priorities you need to accomplish that day and make sure you accomplish them! I think you will find this simple habit very helpful, I know I did!

Mindset & Habit Coach

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