13 Feb

The Must Read Book on Habits

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As we all know, I love habits and everything that goes with that. It is fitting then that my book recommendation for this month is The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

Reading is one habit that I recommend everyone implements into their lives. I like to read in the morning and in the evening every day so I can continuously expand my knowledge and stay motivated. I personally like to read business books, mindset books, and health and wellness books because that is what I am interested in the most. However, you can choose books on topics that interest you!

This week, I chose to recommend The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg because I really liked this book! The book is all about habits and how you can use them to your advantage both in your life and in business. The Power of Habit goes into a little bit of science behind how habits form, how to change an existing habit, and how large companies like Target and Starbucks use our habits to win our business!

Considering I am a Mindset and Habit Coach, I was of course fascinated by everything in this book. I already know how powerful habits can be through my own experience, but the science behind habits made them even more interesting. Your habits can be very controlling over your life, which is a good thing if the habit is productive but not so great if the habit does not support your goals.

If you want to use habits to support your goals or change a bad habit into something more productive, it is important to understand how habit formation actually works. The book talks about cues, habits, and rewards and how they are interconnected and dependent on each other. You can use the first section to learn more about your own habit patterns and how to change them if you would like.

The Power of Habit also talks about how habits can be used in companies as well. Two of the biggest companies mentioned in the book are Starbucks and Target. If you want to understand how Target knows you better than your friends and family or how Starbucks always delivers exceptional service, you should read this book, it’s fascinating!!

I would recommend this book to everyone who has a goal for themselves (so, basically everyone!) because I know from personal experience that anyone can implement habits into their daily routines to support any goal they set. I’ve used habits to set up morning and evening routines to increase my energy levels throughout the day, increase my mood, and sleep better at night. I’ve also used habits to raise my confidence levels, strengthen my relationships, build a business, and many other accomplishments I have made throughout my life.

The more you understand how habits work, the easier it is to use them to help you on the journey towards your own success! If you’re interested in setting up supportive habits towards your goals, I would definitely recommend reading The Power of Habit. Plus, you get to see all the crazy and slightly creepy ways that large companies can use our habits to manipulate us into buying from them (crazy stuff!!).

And of course, if you would like help implementing new habits to support your goals or changing existing ones, that’s what I do! You can sign up for a FREE Strategy Session here where we can find and implement habits that will help you accomplish your desired results!

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