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Your Toxic Relationship With Social Media

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Setting Boundaries

Do you have boundaries set up around social media? If not, this may interest you!

I used to use social media to distract me from literally everything!

If I was bored, I would get on social media.

If I was sad, I would get on social media.

If I was waiting in any type of line, I would get on social media.

If I was busy and had a million things to do but didn’t know what to work on first, I would get on social media. (I think we can all relate to this one!)

Plus, I had all of my notifications turned on so everytime someone commented, liked something, shared something, or did anything on my social media, I would open it up to check instantly! This was really addicting and I never even realized how bad it was until I tried to stop.

I started by turning off all of my notifications but then I just found myself checking constantly to see if there was anything new.

So, I decided to create boundaries for my social media usage.

social media; internet boundaries; jennifer merchant

Now, I have specific times during the day designated to checking social media. If it is not one of those time, then I don’t let myself on to check anything. If I come up with an awesome post, I wait until my social media time to post it.

At first, these changes were excruciating! I felt like I was missing out on something important that would happen and I might miss out. But after a few days, I loved my new boundaries!

I was getting so much more done because the distraction wasn’t an option for me anymore. I literally had nothing else to do other than work on my work. I also found so much more enjoyment in the time that I spent with my friends and family by not being distracted by my phone the whole time!

I won’t lie, I’m not perfect at sticking to my boundaries, but having them in place has helped me find so much more time and energy for myself throughout my days that I never even knew I was lacking before!

Your Signal to Sign Off

Do you ever find yourself comparing your life to the lives everyone else portrays on social media? This used to happen to me all the time! I would spend so much time on social media that I would become jealous of other people’s lives or start to compare myself to them which would make me feel just plain crappy.

Now that I have set boundaries around my social media usage, this doesn’t happen nearly as often and I have become much more in love with my own life! But once in a while, the negative thoughts and comparisons still creep in and I know that I have been on social media for too long.

social media boundaries; jennifer merchant

Once my thoughts start to change from “Wow, that’s such a great picture of her” to “Why can’t I be as pretty as her?” or from “She is crushing her new business!” to “I’ll never be as successful as her”, I know that it’s time to GET OFF!

The difference is that now I am much more aware of my thoughts when they start to become negative and I get off rather than allowing myself to continue down that path.

The truth is, I love my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything but sometimes I forget that when I see all the awesome things everyone else is doing and I have to refocus myself!

When you find yourself heading towards the negative thoughts and comparisons, I would encourage you to take a break and think about all the awesome things you love about your own life!

If you would like some suggestions on how you can spend your downtime other than social media, check out my post 3 Simple Daily Habits That Could Improve Your Life to get some suggestions!

Is this something that you struggle with?

I would encourage you to go on a social media “cleanse” or set some boundaries for yourself and see how it feels once you give it a few days!

Do you let your social media boss you around or do you have boundaries set in place?

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3 thoughts on “Your Toxic Relationship With Social Media

  1. Hi Jennifer!

    I saw your blog post on reddit.com/r/happiness! I really have been resonating with this lately and have been thinking about how to use social media in a different way. You’re absolutely on point in how social media is addicting and makes us feel bad! I also recently started a blog focusing on using positive psychology to thrive personally and professionally.

    I also wanted to share a thought with you about using social media to make us feel better… check it out! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!!


    • Thank you! I love your article as well, using social media to remind us of our own positive events is such a great idea 🙂

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